Tag: Mayan


  • Vucub-Caquix

    An incredibly vain being claiming to be the god of both the sun and the moon. Defeated by the Hero Twins.

  • Bada

    [[:obsidian-warrior | Obsidian Warrior]] purchased Bada at an auction for (insert price here), and Bada has served him faithfully ever since. The most competent of Obsidian Warrior's ragtag band, Bada is usually the only one who joins him in combat. …

  • "The Tapir God"

    A particularly bloodthirsty divine being, the Tapir God is not widely worshipped, and may in fact be the creation solely of [[:tapiro | Tapiro]]. In any case the Tapir God would seem to exist, as it has assisted Tapiro on several occasions.