Teotihuacan, the greatest city in the world. Heart of the greatest empire the world has, or ever will see. Home to the glorious Emperor Seven Montezuma, who in a single year has already campaigned successfully in several wars, including a crusade against the vile Spaniard, driving them from the continent. Every corner of the world’s oceans lay open to Teotihuacan’s mighty navy.

This adventure, however, does not take place in the Imperial City, or even the home continent, but rather, in the new colonies in Africa- a land plagued by disease, rebellion, rogue mercenaries, savage beasts, strange magic, and unfamiliar gods. A land full of potential, for learning about new cultures, for exploring forgotten places, for obtaining great wealth, or even gaining some small amount of freedom from the tight hold of the Empire. Everyone who comes to the colonies has their own reasons.

Imperial Teotihuacan - Adventures in Colonial Africa

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