Tag: Local


  • Omodele

    Highest authority in the village of [[Oronga | Oronga]], Omodele oversees the running of the town when no Teotihuacan overseers are present, including the construction of the new pyramid. Specializes in solving spiritual or magical issues.

  • Adelaja

    Owner of a simple general store in [[Oronga | Oronga]], Adelaja served the Ghanan Empire in the 2nd Conquest of Ghana until he and two of his fellow soldiers were bewitched by a sorcerer and turned into zombies. Adelaja was saved from this fate on 11 …

  • Ifedayo

    A young man from the village of [[Oronga | Oronga]]. Showed[[:obsidian-warrior | Obsidian Warrior]] to the Old Fort outside town. Awarded 1cp for his trouble.