Obsidian Warrior's most "successful" experiment


Race: Human (formerly rat)
Level: 0
Alignment: Rat
Background: Rat
Skills: Rat None to speak of
Languages: None (Understands Teotihuacan, or maybe just Obsidian Warrior)


Mongo is a rat who has been turned into a human by some magical herbs discovered by Obsidian Warrior.

Obsidian Warrior has been unable to replicate his “success” in creating Mongo, and has gone through a sack of rodents in his attempts to do so.

Mongo is utterly useless, being unable to perform nearly any task- and cannot even pull Obsidian Warrior’s cart of sacks of random junk. He does not even possess whatever skills he might have once had as a rat. He has very terrible hygiene and is very unpleasant to look at, being the worst combination of Man and Rat possible.


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